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Canopy Suppliers

The following companies can supply your canopy needs.

Wonlim International  800.637.8277

PTM Incorporated  310.603.0888


Thank You      The Jenkins Family


Pop – Up Canopies

We recommend Luckywave Trading Co. for pop-up canopies and replacement tops.


Fitting Sizes

We at Jenkins have always designated our sizes on the outside diameter of the fittings. Most canopy part suppliers will designate the tubing diameters.

1 – 1/8″ …. 3/4″

1 – 3/8″ …. 1″

1 – 7/8″ …. 1 5/8″

The angle on our canopies is designated a “low peak”.

Email address

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50% off sale

We currently have a 50% off sale on items in stock!

Jenkins Crafted Canopies is closing!

If you found your way here I made all the correct changes to our domain connections. The family is sorry, but it’s time to close the business. We will post companies that you can obtain your canopy parts and supplies. If you leave a comment we will be monitoring this blog and answer as best we can.

Thank you for the years of patronage

The Jenkins Family